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Asian Diagnostics is proud to have successfully completed the NABL accreditation and is one of the few NABL Accredited Labs in Bangalore.
What is NABL?
Asian diagnostics is intent on setting a refreshing trend in pathology and diagnostic services by maintaining the highest standards of skill, professionalism and patient care. A highly trained clinical staff and the latest diagnostic equipment ensure that we are continuously committed to provide excellence and reliability at all times.

Asian diagnostics is organized into departments that are called upon to contribute their specialized skills and knowledge to any investigation. The laboratory aims to maintain the shortest turn-around time possible to deliver reports to our patients.

Every aspect of our investigations is performed under an umbrella of strict quality control using the most advanced, accurate and reliable equipment. It provides the most reliable reports through effective internal and external quality control systems, which keep random and systemic errors under control.

In line with our assurance to maintain and continuously improve the quality of the services we provide, we have initiated necessary steps to implement relevant quality control measures.

  • Participation in regular external quality control assessments.
  • Regular tests conducted using control sera.
  • Cross lab comparison from other NABL accredited labs.
  • Regular calibration certification of instruments.
  • Inter technician comparison of reports
  • Reproducibility of test results by repeated measurements of the same sample to ascertain consistent reporting.